salty and whole

In the distance, the scent of morning and our farmhouse and muddy shoes by the door and eggs sizzling and wooden chairs around a paint splattered table by the open windows breathing sun and summer, by the path, by the thick foliage, by the stream.

Toes on cold rocks, sharp rock, smooth rocks. We wash our hair in the stream, earth and water rushing. Light runs through leaves touching water.

A rush of birds through leaves and the scent of running water and fresh cut grass. A mud path winding. Flies dancing in the light, wet hair across my eye. Lean into the sensation. 

By the path, by the thick foliage, by the stream, the world is alive and soft.

 Remember when we slipped into the ocean, breathless.  The sky, the waves, the water, ocean - lapping, pulling, swishing, calming.

 The ebb of life is a swelling and a release, a pushing and a pulling.  We, waves of longing, rush to the shore - only to fall, fall away.  Embossed with a quiet and gentle spirit and a Peace that passes all understanding, our souls do not grow weary because Christ breathes life into us again and again.    


music - tear open your soul

listen: everything stays, right where you left it.

God - watch & listen 

food for thought - what is ruining you?

stay fresh.  stay wild.  happy Thursday!  



in spare moments, poetry

feathered aching
honey, milk and 
a life perfumed with salt water
dipping into cold,
the waves kiss the shore
 the taste of raspberries
sunsets and sunrises 
a campfire
long, stretched nights
emotion that softly tears

fully alive

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby


Softness falls and tenderness swarms; birds, grass rushing in wind, distant laughter, the porch swing, a warm, loose summer mornings that leak with the deep expression of life.  How often do we forget to stay soft; the swelling of life is heartaches and love and longing that piles and pushes until it is released. Life slips into an orgasmic state of joy; it reels with simplicity and in simplicity and Christ alone we find wholeness.

God will fulfil that which He fills; has He given you a desire?  Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord.